Infanticide and Feminism Obama & Shadow Government

The Face of the DNC Credit

Obama and His Shadow Government

 Violent Surrogates & Proxies of the DNC

The Face of their Fascist Arm Credit

War on Police and Rule of Law

LGBT Sexual Deviance

Assault on Family Values

d Privilege

Politics of Racial Division

Assault On Family Values

Assault on Religious Freedom

Assault on Religion

 Electorate Pandering

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DNC Electorate Pandering Politics of Racial Dvision DNC War on Police and Rule of Law

Iran Nuclear Deal & Islam

Iran Nuclear Deal & Islam DNC Voter Fraud

Class War & Identity Politics

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DNC Voter Fraud

DNC Class Warfare DNC State Sponsored Death

Illegal Immigration

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Clinton’s & Russian Interference

State Sponsored Death

Illegal Immigration Clintons & Russian Interference

JustUs  vs. Justice

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Assault on Free Speech

Assault on Free Speech JustUs vs. Justice

War on Middle Class Whites

War On Middle Class Whites

Administrative State

Lawfare in Federal Courts

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War on 2nd Amendment

MSM Propaganda

Comey and Deep State

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Comey and Deep State

Global Warming & Climate

Global Warming & Climate Change DNC & MSM Propaganda

Legalize Marijuana & Drug Use

Socialism & Welfare

Universal Healthcare

Universal Healthcare Single Payer Socialism and Welfare Legalize Marijuana & Drug Use Lawfare in Federal Courts 2nd Amendment Adminstrative State

These pages are dedicated to the goal of having the DNC investigated, prosecuted and obliterated for the numerous and varied crimes committed in the 2016 Election. Also for the ongoing acts of a corrupt political criminal enterprise that advocates insurrection and inciting violence, against the American people who they call deplorable and their libelous Russian election interference scam… More

Seth Rich Robbery Victim

Minority Rights Scam

d Privilege

Obsession with Infanticide

and Feminism

DNC Minorty Rights Scam

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DNC Violent Surrogates & Proxies Seth Rich LGBT Sexual Deviancy