Media has followed the lead of the DNC and is now nothing but a propaganda and fake news outlet to push the DNC talking points on current events. They are so out of control that much of the news is nothing but propaganda and is not our opinion but Harvard, Stanford and MIT academics. The media is no longer an honest arbiter of news and why the secondary sources on the Internet are pivotal… More

DISCLAIMER: Hyperlinked Sites do not endorse they are presented in their own words to show the DNC for who and what they are, the words they use are their own, draw you own conclusions.

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DNC Colludes with Media Fof Clinton UCLA Media Biased for DNC DNC Bias Crisis In Demcracy Stanford Study of Fake News PEW Fake News Sowing Confusion Media Blackout on DNC Lawsuit Chomsky Russiagate is Propaganda 2017©

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