Sadly the DNC has abandoned the moral certainty of two parent families and has engaged in the politics of divide and conquer, first it was black families, but that too has morphed. They are using the gay agenda to strike at the heart of our freedom by pitting groups against each other to destroy our Constitutional rights. It wasn’t enough to create a pliant welfare underclass, our first amendment rights are in jeopardy … More

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DNC Violence Against Women’s Act  Reality

VAWA Exceeds Constitutional Authority

DNC Using Gays To Co-Opt Families

DNC Forcing Gay Rights A Trojan Horse

DNC Promiscuity and Single Parents

DNC Smacks Down Ben Carson

Holder Architect For Black Families Demise

Embraces Destruction Of Moral Principles

Holder DNC Black Family Assasisn DNC Embraces Destruction to Moral Principles DNC VAWA Anti Family Legislation VAWA Unconstituonal Law DNC Using Gay Agenda to Destroy Families DNC Use of Gay Trojan Horse DNC Promotes Promicuity DNC Sends Out Gay Police on HUD Secretary 2017©

DNC Assault On Family Values

Lesbians Castrate 11 Year Old Adopted Son

Confused Woman/Man Gives Birth

Lesbians Castrate 11 Year Old Adopted Son Transgender Man/Woman Give Birth

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