Assault & War On Free Speech

The DNC has along history of working overtime to stifle free speech, most recently in 2012 with a convention platform to amend the Constitution to limit free speech. Then in 2014 with a constitutional amendment to the Bill of Rights which would all but eliminate free speech for citizens. Clearly these are totalitarian initiatives and is just an extension of their agenda, free speech for me, but not for thee… More

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DNC Attempt to Destroy Bill of Rights

Senate DNC Wants IRS Help for Reelection

DNC Free Speech For Me Not For Thee

DNC Expels Candidate For His Speech

DNC Rails Against Free Speech

DNC Repeal 1st Amendment

DNC 2016 Platform Prosecute AGW Deniers

DNC 2016 Platform Prosecute AGW Deniers DNC Senators Want IRS to Repress Speech DNC and Left Fully Engage Free Speech DNC Eats its Own Over Free Speech DNC Rails Against Free Speech

IRS Attacks Tea Party & Free Speech

IRS Used to Repress Conservative Groups

DNC Platform From 2012 Limit Free Speech

DNC Platform 2012 Limit Free Speech 2017©

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