In eight short years our nation has been transformed and along with it the forced acceptance of the gay and transgender lifestyle. We have been forced by societal and government forces to normalize what has always been a mental pathology for most of mankind’s existence. This has been done to normalize deviant behavior coupled by the pandering of the DNC to instigate a moral breakdown in society we surmise… More

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DNC Chooses to Pander To Normalize LGBT

DNC Anti-Gay Slurs & Other Abuses

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DNC Supports Gay Teeth Gnashing

Gay CEO Ruins JC Penny Valuation

DNC Lied Gay Couples Only ½ of 1% in USA

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DNC Used Racial & Gay Slurs

The Truth About LGBT Lifestyle

LGBT Lifestyle Consequences DNC Panders to LGBT DNC Gay Narrative Crumbles DNC Teeth Gnashers Gay Agenda Doesn't Sell Gay Democgraphics DNC Supports Gay Agenda

 DNC LGBT Sexual Deviancy 2017©

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