The DNC has memorialized their murdered staffer Seth Rich with a bike rack outside its office in Washington, Wikileaks, OAN news and others have put up $245,000 in reward for information about his death. The police say it is a botched robbery as do his parents, even though his cell phone, watch and wallet was never taken, he was shot on a quiet and lonely street at 4:18 in the morning, many believe it was a hit… More

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New Evidence Points To Murder For Hire

Julian Assaunge Puts Up $20K Reward

Seth Rich Was To Testify Over Clinton Email

Seth Reward Now At $245,000

Seth Rich Murder for Hire Wikileaks Offer $20K Reward

DNC Chair Snooping Meets Awan IT Probe

Seth Rich Murder Evidence Disappearing

Seth Testify Clinton Email Seth Reward $245,000

Family Claims His Murder False Conspiracy

DNC Mocks Protesters at Headquarters

DNC Donna Brazile Snooping Seth Rich Evidence Disappearing Family Calls Seth's Murder False Conspiracy Justice For Seth Rich

 Seth Rich DNC Employee & Robbery Victim 2017©

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