Seth Rich was murdered on a lonely street after being at a party at a local pub, the follow up on his murder is shrouded in mystery by both the DC Police and the FBI which both failed to investigate his death to any real extent. The party was the last time he was seen alive and both agencies of the federal government did not bother to visit or interview the witnesses to his last moments on earth at all.

Clearly this is a breach of investigative protocol as the persons movements are followed backwards to the time before his or her death to see if anything of consequence develops. When we have two independent agencies not bothering to do this then we have to ask some serious questions. Particularly since follow on investigation(s) by private sources show that Imran Awan was at the party where Seth was last seen alive. He is now the focus of an FBI investigation for bank fraud and what may also be espionage as he was the DNC IT specialist for many House democrats with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the disgraced DNC Chair being chief among them.

All of this is mind blowing; here we have the nexus to two crimes the murder of Seth and the IT House espionage of the Intelligence Committee. Imran was arrested attempting to flee the country with several tens of thousands of dollars in his possession. We also know that Seth was scheduled to discuss Hillary’s email server with the FBI in a matter of days.

All of this points to something other than a botched robbery which is the official line from the FBI, DC Police, DNC and his family, clearly it sounds like a terribly weak cover story. We have not even discussed that Seth is more than likely the source of the Podesta emails and that the entire Russians ate the DNC election is a scam, might I add by experts at scams the DNC. This saga is more than meets the eye and everyone involved is being placed into a cone of silence, a reference to the old Get Smart TV series. But seems appropriate as no one wants to officially investigate his death and continue to throw a blanket over the DNC and their complicity. Could it be they are afraid they will be next…?

We know that Wasserman Schultz resigned in disgrace as DNC Chair and her latest efforts to resurrect her reputation are anything but stellar, as a matter of fact she looks like a deer in the headlights with a vehicle bearing down at a fast rate of speed, to scared to jump out of the way. We wonder whether her life will be ended tragically the same as Seth by a botched robbery that no one will or wants to investigate and the family says any speculation is hurtful conspiracy theories, the same as Seth’s.

We are left with so many questions and the evidence is mounting from all corners that Seth was killed for what he knew or was about to spill to the FBI. No worries though the DNC placed a bike rack in his honor in front of their headquarters in Washington. It seems fitting that a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party would put a monument as an edifice to others not to take the same path Seth did. Back to the Seth Rich Robbery Victim page. 2017©

DNC IT Employee Murdered on a Lonely Street