Sadly the DNC continues the racist policies of the past, only now they claim that when the GOP wants to reform entitlements they are racist and try to deprive the least among us of opportunity. This is done to deflect the real cause of all this misery and animosity by the DNC which uses these captured electorates for their votes every two years. With community organizers keeping the animosity slowly simmering… More

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Obama’s Politics of Division

 DNC Divides Nation Over Racial Politics

Hillary & Obama Ignore Genocide

DNC Still The Party Of Racism

DNC Long History Of Oppressing Blacks

Democrats Created Ku Klux Klan

DNC & FDR Created America’ Ghettos

DNC Supports Racism of Welfare

Obama's Politics of Division DNC Divides Nation Over Race Genocide Against Whites DNC Still Party of Racism DNC Party of Slevery KKK Enforcement Arm of Democrats FDR & Democrats Created America's Ghettos DNC Racism of Welfare Plantations

  DNC Politics Of Racial Division 2017©

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Bill Whittle Black Lives Matter & DNC

GOP & DNC History of Racism