DNC Support of Iran Deal & Islam

While the DNC searches for its identity separate from our founding principles it has allied itself with an all pervasive ideology that wishes nothing short of world domination. This is not a mistake as the ideology of the DNC is not unlike Islam they both share the desire for totalitarian rule, violence is just a means to an end and lying cheating and stealing is not out of the question. Islam calls it taqiya, lying to infidels.… More

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Obama's Unforgivable Betrayal

 DNC All In For Radical Islam

DNC Vice Chair Supports Radical Islam

DNC Chair Linked To Muslim Brotherhood

DNC Deputy Chair Ties To Sharia Group

Iran Nuke Deal Put Constitution On Its Head

Hitler Allied With Radical Islam Too

Constitution Turned Upside Down DNC Supports Radical Islam DNC Vice CHair Supports Radical Islam Muslim Brotherhood DNC Chair Keith Ellison DNC Ties to Sharia Law Group Hitler Allied With Radical Islam Too

Congress Put National Security In Jeopardy

Obama Unforgivable Betrayal Congress Puts National Security in Jeopardy

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