No photos. No pictures. No cellphones

DNC JustUs vs. Justice

When we discuss the influence that the DNC exerts through our society we can no longer just consider them as a political party, but a criminal enterprise that has taken the long march through all of our institutions. These include government federal, state, local, education, entertainment industry and their propaganda arm the media. We have been saturated by their viewpoint to the point that they now act with impunity… More

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DNC Above Law Witnesses Being Murdered

No Photos, No Picture, No Cell Phones

FBI Destroys Evidence For Hillary

DNC Is A Criminal Enterprise

Democrats Long History of Abuse of Power

Wikileaks DNC Nationwide Election Fraud

Obama’s Criminal Enterprise Collapsing

DNC Refused To Cooperate On-Server Hack?

DNC Lawsuit Witnesses Being Murdered DNC Refused FBI & DHS to Examine Servers DNC 2016 Nationwide Election Fraud FBI Destroys Evidence In Hillary Email Matter DNC is a Criminal Enterprise DNC Long History of Abuse of Power Obama's Criminal Enterprise Collapsing 2017©

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