The global warming scam started in earnest shortly after Obama was elected, as he and some other confederates tried to start a carbon trading exchange to capitalize on this scam, as usual he failed at this too. This did not stop this scam from morphing however and it has been used to grow government which has stifled our economy and depressed the business climate, so in that aspect it has been successful… More

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DNC Platform Prosecute AGW Deniers

Obama’s AG To Prosecute AGW Deniers

DNC Global Warming & Climate Change

AGW Progressive Hypocrites Writ Large

Senator Scorches DNC That AGW A Hoax

Obama’s Climate Nonsense Debunked

EPA Regulations Not For Environment

AGW Scientists Use RICO Laws On Deniers

 Wikileaks DNC Use AGW As A Weapon

DNC Prosecute Climate Deniers DOJ to Prosecute Climate Deniers ADW Scientiest Use RICO Statutes Progressive Hypocrites AGW Advocates DNC Used AGW as a Weapon Senator AGW A Global Hoax Obama's Climate Nonsense EPA Regulatations for Regulatory Sake 2017©

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