Unbridled welfare as supported by the DNC has wasted 22 trillion dollars, poverty has remained the same since its inception, what has changed is that it destroyed the black community. Proving you get more of what you subsidize. Socialism is now being touted as the answer to our economic malaise, after eight years of socialist policies which grew government at the expense of economic growth was a given… More

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DNC Chair Dumbfounded-Socialism & Welfare

DNC Belief in Socialism And Welfare

DNC Welfare Destroyed Detroit

Majority Of Academics Support Socialism

Socialism Destroys Economies, Societies

Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialist

DNC Welfare Destroyed Black Families

DNC Wants Socialism To Grow Government

DNC War On Poverty Dismal Failure

DNC Chair Clueless About Socialism & Welfare DNC War on Poveerty Dismal Failure Welfare Destroyed Black Families DNC Welfare Destroyed Detroit Socialsim Grows Government Power DNC Academia Supports Socialism Socialism Destroys Economies & Societues Bernie Sanders Socialist

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