Infanticide has no better cheerleaders than the DNC where they couch their verbiage with a “women’s right to choose” or “a fetus is just a mass of cells” never grappling with the fundamental primary question that it is murder of the most defenseless among us. This is borne out of their support of feminism where women are held to be superior to men, and a dreary society devoid of romance, kindness and equality… More

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DNC Cheers Over Story Of Infanticide

DNC Chooses Infanticide Over Life

DNC Debbie Rigs Feminist Coup 2016

Elitist Feminism Failed in 2016

Kermit Gosnell Infanticide Provider

Gosnell Was A Clarion Call

Feminism Has A Dark Side

Face of Infanticide DNC Crowds Cheers Over Infanticide DNC Demands Infanticide DNC Feminist Coup in 2016 Elitist Feminism Failed in 2016 DNC Made Kermit Gosnell Face of Infanticide Industry Femisims Dark Side

Obama’s Fascination With Infanticide

  DNC Obsession with Abortion and Infanticide

 DNC 2017©

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