The danger to our Republic is never more than a few steps away, we now have an ever expansive government of permanent officials (deep state) that can act as judge, jury and executioner. The DNC favors expansive government and has at every turn attempted to expand its role in our lives. We have been warned by Justice Thomas on this chimera of governance not having a Constitutional basis in law… More

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The Administrative State Is Out Of Control

Its A Feature Not A Bug, Abuse of Power

DNC Administrate And Regulatory State

Reigning In The Administrative State

DOD Abuse Of Administrative Fact Finding

The Slow Drip Of Administrative Despotism

EPA Spiked Regulations For DNC

What is the Adninistrative State DNC Abuse of Power Reigning in the Administrative State

Our Enemy the Administrative State

Our Common Enemy

Confronting The Administrative State

Confronting The Administrative State DOD Star Chamber of Abuse Slow Despotism of Adminstrative State EPA Spiked Regulations for DNC 2017©

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