We can rely on the fact that the DNC will expand government whenever possible as they believe that government is the solution to every problem. This is rooted in their ideology which is always trying to increase their control over our lives. This has been an issue ever since Woodrow Wilson our first progressive president created the term ‘administrative state’ as it was his belief that government should hire administrators to run government. This concept was expanded upon by Franklin Delano Roosevelt who actually created our first entitlement: Social Security and the FDIC as well as the National Labor Relations board, and along with it the agency rule making authority which led to administrative law.

We are now at the point that when Congress passes the umbrella legislation that creates federal agencies or modification to the laws that govern these agencies they pass the rule making authority onto the agency. Which then goes on to create the regulations that govern these agencies conduct of business. They also have the authority to set administrative penalties for the infraction of regulations in administrative law courts that these agencies also create. In effect they end up being judge, jury and executioner all under one roof with a judge that belongs not to the judiciary a separate branch of our government created by the Constitution. But one belonging to the agency with the top appellate authority being the agencies Secretary for a cabinet position or chief executive of that agency. They are also only a hearing by a judge and not a jury of your peers, with limited right to appeal decisions to the federal courts by a citizen.

This is what Justice Clarence Thomas has to say about this unconstitutional arrangement:

This arrangement raises serious con­stitutional questions to which the majority’s holding that Amtrak is a governmental entity is all but a non sequitur. These concerns merit close consideration by the courts below and by this Court if the case reaches us again. We have too long abrogated our duty to enforce the separation of powers required by our Constitution. We have overseen and sanctioned the growth of an administrative system that concentrates the power to make laws and the power to enforce them in the hands of a vast and unaccountable administrative apparatus that finds no comfortable home in our constitutional structure.”  

These words are sobering when we see the abuses that occurred under Obama and encouraged by the ideology of the DNC which urged Obama to act extra-constitutionally by fiat. Which gave us the DAPA and DACA which was immigration legislation by fiat, goaded by the DNC and their supporters. The abuses that occurred to numerous individuals and parties through the use of the IRS to target and punish conservatives was criminal, and supported by the DNC at every turn that limited their political voice in our elections. Then we have the EPA aided by the Army Corps of Engineers that halted a mining company from developing their property in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Obama chose to use the administrative apparatus to force his will on the American people with the culmination in the Waters of the USA which would have allowed regulation of seasonal run off on private lands which is being repealed by the Trump EPA. We can see that this power to make regulations and fix penalties fits in with the ideology of the DNC which at every turn abuses power and law for their own aggrandizement and leaves us poorer for it. Our economy has suffered under these abuses and it is time it come to an end. Back to DNC Administrative & Regulatory State page.

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