Agents for the DNC have been working overtime to discredit the Trump White House and bring his administration to an end, we are now finding out the Obama DOJ & FBI threw the investigation of Hillary. What’s more they setup Trump Jr. during the election and spied on Trump with FISA warrants. Then after they lost the election they started a laughable smear campaign by saying Russia helped Trump win the election… More

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DNC Power Couple Clinton’s Scandals

IRS Investigating Clinton Foundation

Hillary’s Pay to Play as Secretary of State

Obama Knew and Did Nothing About Russia

DNC and Hillary Blame Russia in 24 Hours

Six Months Later No Evidence of Crime

Trump Jr. Promised DNC Dirt

DNC Supporter Shoots Five GOP Congressmen

DNC Power Couple the Clintons IRS Investigating Clinton Foundation Hillary Pay to Play at State Department Obama was Punked by Putin Hillary Blames Russia 24 Hours Later DNC After Six Months No Crime Trump Jr. Promised DNC Dirt DNC Supporter Shoots GOP Congressmen 2017©

Clinton’s & Russian Interference

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