Assault on our 1st amendment rights and in particular Christianity is not by accident, the DNC and progressive left but a conscience effort to sever the basis for our God given natural rights which are unalienable. If they are successful an avalanche will engulf this nation and people because if they sever the nexus for our rights as they become inalienable and will convince citizens to give up their rights freely… More

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DNC Top Staffer Anti Semite

 DNC Rejects GOD and Jerusalem

DNC Rejects Christian Hospitality

DNC Divided Over Religion and God

DNC Open Embrace Of Islam

DNC Embraces Radical Islamists

DNC Has Problem Have A God Problem

Hillary Force Christians to Accept Infanticide

DNC Reject God Three Times DNC Rejects Christian Hopsitalty DNC Dividied Over God DNC Embrace of Islam DNC Convention Embraces Radical Islamists DNC Has A God Problem Hillary Religion Must Accept Infanticide 2017©

 DNC Assault On Religious Freedom

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