Lawfare is simply the hecklers veto, now go-to strategy of the DNC which used it successfully to turn marriage on its head for only ½ of 1% of this nations population. It is used against Trump for lawsuits over his immigration orders, and now a special counsel for his so-called Russian collusion during the election. This misuse of the courts and law does not bode well, it degrades the rule of law and the will of people… More

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Use Of Lawfare For Partisan Political Ends

 Democrats Used Lawfare Over Gay Marriage

DNC Using Lawfare In The Federal & State Courts

Using Collusion & Lawfare To Protect DNC

Obama Retread Hired To Spearhead Lawfare

DNC Wisconsin's Organized Lawfare Raids

The Lawfare Project Fighting For Liberty

Soros Is Behind Much Of The DNC Lawfare

The Root & Branch Of DNC Lawfare

Using Law for Partisan Political Ends Born in Despotism the 14th Amendment Lawfare Project DNC Lawfare Supported Gay Marriage Destruction to the Rule of Law DNC Lawfare Against Trump Holder to Spearhead Lawfare DNC Wisconsin's Organized Lawfare Raids 2017©

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