DNC Class Warfare & Identity Politics

Identity politics and class warfare have been honed to a razors edges by the DNC, to the point that they have lost all semblance to the nation they supposedly belong to and are no longer moored to our traditions as Americans. This has caused a vacuum in their ideology as they stumble around for something else to take their place.They have become tribal communities on the left with diverse competing electorates.… More

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DNC Shameless Identity Politics Class War

 Universities Now Teaching Identity Politics

DNC Class Warfare Against Black Community

DNC Identity Politics Destroying Nation

Democrats Are Casting About For An Identity

DNC Loses Control Of BLM Electorate

DNC Must Live With Their Creation

DNC Identity Politics Divide & Conquer

DNC Identity Politics and Class Warfare DNC Divide and Conquer Politics Universities Teach DNC Idenity Policits DNC Loses Control of Electorate DNC Class Warfare Against Blacks DNC Is Casting About For An Identity DNC Must Live With Their Creation

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