DNC War on Middle Class Whites

The DNC war on the American people has caused our standard of living to drop for all of the Obama years to the point that GDP was an anemic 1.4% for each year Obama was in office. During the same period the DNC led by Obama began a war on white males and the nation in general by throwing the border wide open to change the demographics of the nation. Leading to an epidemic in white male suicide rates… More

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Obama Decimated Middle Class

DNC Chose To Alienate White Americans

DNC & White Privilege Denigrates Us All

DNC Chair Candidate Sit & Shut Up

DNC 30 Years Plan To Destroy Middle Class

Obama Black Unemployment 16.8%

DNC Winning White Male Suicide Up 40%

Obama GDP Worse Since WWII

Obama Decimated Middle Class Obama GDP Average 1.4% Obama Decimated Blacks Why DNC Alienated Whites The Truth About White Privelege DNC Subjugates White Middle Class DNC 30 Year Plan To Destroy Middle Class DNC Winning White Make Suicide up 40%

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