Nothing shows the intent of the DNC which is now proven to be an opportunistic criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party that believes that they are a law unto themselves and the rule of law that has guided this nation to great heights and achievement are mere impediments to their aspirations and so must be swept away. We now see unfolding a Pakistani Moslem spy ring that had access to the House Intelligence committee and other sensitive data for the last 10 years. This spy ring was hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz the DNC Chair who resigned in disgrace after the story broke about the rigging of the Democrat primaries and other crimes committed last year against Bernie Sanders, among others…

This story is still unfolding and may well be the death knell to the DNC as she is the weak link. Push on her and their whole sordid criminal enterprise may come tumbling down, at least will we work towards that end.

Then we have the former FBI Director James Comey who the DNC has had a torrid lover affair since Trump fired him. Prior to that they hated him for investigating their anointed one Hillary, then when he usurped the powers of the DOJ and Attorney General Lynch and publicly admonished her, though found her blameless, it was back to their torrid love affair. Of course when he reopened the investigation on Hillary’s backyard server farm 11 days before the election after classified documents were found on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, courtesy of his wife Hillary’s gal pal and assistant. It was back to loathing him from one end of Capital Hill to the other, then the affair was back on again after he closed the case once again.

Does anyone begin to see pattern here, that laws are not applicable to the DNC and their acolytes, it is simply for the little people and Republicans…

We also have unfolding the use of the intelligence services for political purposes by Obama, Susan Rice, Brennan, Clapper and others to surveil Trump, and his election campaign along with continuing after he won the election as President Elect on the thinnest of pretexts that have since been found to be illegal and bogus. After the stunning election loss by Hillary the DNC ramped up the Russians ate their election scam to smear and convict by innuendo Trump for daring to interfere in their quest for hegemony under the laughable pretext of collusion.

How dare a political outsider run much less win the election against the DNC criminal enterprise, so he must be destroyed by any means necessary.

Comey has now come to be seen as a lackey and fixer for the DNC and admitted to the Senate Committee that is investigating their bogus Russian ate their election scam that he leaked confidential documents to the press and is more than likely responsible for much of the so-called leaks that are attempting to bring Trump down. His justification was to get the DOJ to appoint a Special Counsel and in that he has been successful, however it may well be his downfall. It couldn’t happen to nicer opportunistic political hack, that’s for sure.

So we end where we began, and that is that the RICO statutes must be used to bring this cabal of criminals to justice for the crime against this nation’s people, laws and Constitution, but more importantly the erosion to the rule of law itself. Back to the Comey And The Deep State page.

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