The DNC has now gone on record that candidates that do not support infanticide will not be supported by them in their election efforts, and have been staunch supporters of euthanasia. We have to wonder why. This question on the quality of life has in our past been handled between a patient and their physician. To have the DNC weigh in and begin the process of defining when life is no longer viable is rather ghoulish to say the least, because if we allow this to be defined by them we can only shutter to think where this will lead. The DNC has gone from supporting infanticide through abortion being rare to now unbridled, with the ghastly practice of partial birth abortion on demand.

For them to advocate for euthanasia is ludicrous and dangerous that they even want to weigh in on this issue, but ever the avant garde for anything that they believe will increase their political power and legislative seats they are clearly on board.

We know the dead cannot vote, or at least they are not supposed to but all to many cases come forward of voter fraud where in fact this actually happens, especially in Illinois but this seems ludicrous and impossible to fathom that this would be their motivation. Clearly something else may be in play that would motivate them to get involved and the only perspective that makes is that a large portion of our nation supports euthanasia.

However; another perspective may be at play here as well, and that is the legal definition of viable life. Obamacare gave us what amounts to socialized medicine or at least the beginning of it in our nation and the much ballyhooed ‘death panels’ contained within its 2600 pages of control for our health care segment. Having quality of life defined by the DNC seems abhorrent when we look at what they have done with infanticide, taking that to the population at large is frightening.

As previously stated this issue is best left to the individual and their care giver allowing the state to define this issue is madness. Freedom and liberty should be never be defined by these reprobates that break everything down to a power quotient and the electoral success of their criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party.

Allowing them the right to define life and consequently death is a bridge to far for most rational adults, or at least it should because when you look at all the pain, misery and trouble the DNC has caused in our society should preclude their participation. A society is judged by how they treat the very young, old and frail and frankly should be with compassion, love and care. Back to the State Sponsored Death page. 2017©

DNC Fascination With State Sponsored Death