Tips For Talking To Your Representative

Your representative works for you and the American people, it is their duty to make the hard decisions to represent all parties fairly and honestly. Party politics have distorted this relationship between the people and their representatives to the point that many put themselves first, the party second, the nation third and your interest dead last…

What will move the needle to our side is if you make sure that they will not be reelected if they do not act in accordance with the will of the people of their district and State. That means that you must be firm, respectful and diligent. These people are not your friends and so you must not allow them to become so familiar that they can dissuade you from your task and that is to demand in no uncertain terms that your position is the right one for your district, State, nation and our people.

If at all possible take the effort to become known to your representatives office staff, many are interns and are working in these positions to serve the people. If you can try to get to know them and try to discuss your issue with the same person each time you contact your representative will bring dividends, they have influence with your representative…

In politics everything come with a cost, each vote they take can mean they are reelected or sent to the bench for good so you must make sure they understand just what is at stake. Good arguments can and will become persuasive if enough of their constituents make the same one. Letters, emails and phone calls can and do change minds, many Bills are defeated this way and conversely many are brought to fruition as well.

None of this comes easy and all it takes is practice to speak to the issues in a succinct manner that allows your point to be made in a cogent brief statement, practice makes perfect.

The stakes in this matter are monumental.

We have allowed a political party the DNC to run roughshod over this nation and people to the point that their ideology now threatens our very Republic.

It is our duty to hold them accountable for the many crimes committed in the last election and administration where law and the rule of law was set aside for partisan politics, this is not my opinion, but fact. This statement is bolstered by the overwhelming support President Trump received from every spectrum of the political divide. A complete unknown has risen to the highest office in the land. Whether you support or condemn him, that fact remains because the business as usual as practiced by partisan politics has become an impediment to our freedom and liberty.

We know this so if we are to take our destiny in our hands means we need to get them dirty and hold the people responsible for the criminal acts we are now just beginning to become known happened during the last eight years of the calamitous Obama experiment in progressive liberal governance. The time to act is now and let your voice be heard contact your representative and restore the rule of law and our Republic… Back to Contact Congress page. 2017©