Pandering is so engrained in the ideology of the DNC since they have a diverse collection of electorates that are not cohesive in their desires for political outcomes that they have to create a message for each one of these disconnected groups. This means that they have tell one group one message and another something else since they are not addressing a nation of common interested individuals.

This is because they have abandoned the time tested concept of e pluribus unum Latin for out of many one, which has been our national motto. The DNC abandoned this concept and instead cleaved to multiculturalism, class warfare and electorate pandering since a different message must be given to each separate electorate, they are not addressing a nation of equals.

Having a cohesive message that applies to all our nations citizens is impractical given this set of circumstances, since the DNC has purposely racially separate electorates so pandering becomes a way of life for them.

The only way they have been able to have any success at all is to practice what I call entitlement governance, which is the practice of selling their platform by use of the federal treasury to buy votes each election cycle. It is a cynical way of looking at politics but is an apt description when you listen to their candidates each election cycle. Their candidates attempt to outdo each other on how they will dip into the federal trough to buy votes. Governance and policies are rarely discussed so it is pandering to the crowd that gets them over the finish line. For instance they have to tell Latinos that they are all in for illegal immigration and getting them citizenship, however that is not what the black community wants to hear, as they are now competing against them for the few jobs that have been created under their tax and spend paradigm.

So it is a vicous cycle of empty promises to each separate electorate, because they practice divide and conquer, the same as the Romans only it with promises and the federal dole.

We were treated to a rather obvious display of this in action in the last election cycle where the odious Black Lives Matter crowd flexed their political muscles and forced the DNC and their candidates to bend to their will. It was a disgusting display of pandering but it is written into the DNC playbook and until they change do not expect this tactic to change either. What our nation needs is that the RICO statutes be applied to this criminal enterprise and prosecuted to oblivion then we can get back to the business of governance instead of having the nation dialog hijacked over every petty issue that effects one of their electorates or another...

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